Being creative is my motivator and even more of my motivation comes from a love of color. My first recollection of the recognition of color comes from a memory of playing with Colorforms before I had much of a grasp of language. The set was an early one, just geometric shapes in primary and tertiary colors, sans purple. I remember thinking that I really liked the color in my hand but did not know then what it was called. I imagine that I found a way to ask it’s name. I don’t recall the events leading up to it, but I soon became cognizant of the name of the color: “red;” and it was a revelation! (I suspect that my query regarding green and orange was answered in a vague way because I have always confused the two in name, calling orange when I mean green and vice versa.) 

Coloring with crayons and colored pencils followed. Then paint by numbers sets. It was always about the colors. 

When I discovered sketching, not simply colorizing, the ability to create a faux 3D object was magic! Jim Nagy was my hero then. My mother fostered these abilities and encouraged me to draw and, eventually, paint. Any art class available was chosen and the instruction devoured, ravenously.

Then life intruded – children, nursing education, career, marriage, etc. etc. My “hobbies” were side-lined. Any chance to pick up a paint brush or sketch pad or pencil and paper was a treat but I continued to grasp at any opportunity.

I discovered the art of crewel, cross stitch and hand embroidery before the nursing career came along,  while the first kids were very young. I think it was then that I realized that color didn’t always have to come from a crayon or paint box. The encounter with this form of artistry later fed a true love affair with fibers.

Today, I love the varieties of yarn available – hand dyed, variously plied, in all colors of the rainbow and textures sublime. And I’m falling in love with fabric, too. Linen is my newest friend. But I also love the idea of recycling and reusing old articles of apparel.

Many of my creations can be seen on my Facebook page entitled C’s Crafted Creations. I have an etsy.com shop as well and here’s the link:  http://www.etsy.com/3Csshop


3 thoughts on “About

  1. As one of humankind’s most ancient and widespread crafts, fabric arts have long fascinated me. Weaving, knitting, embroidery, quilting, crewel, carpet making, all of it.
    My favorite bit of fabric lore:
    In a kilim, the woven form from Anatolia, there are little slits, usually at the end of a figure or shape. These are functional.
    Kilim were used by nomads as the walls for their camps and tents and those slits allow the wind to pass through while filtering out the sand.
    Pretty cool, huh?

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