Huntress Shawl revisited and done

006 Huntress “shawl” completed

and being worn.


It’s a bit on the warm side here, but as soon as the temperature drops, I’ll be throwing this on to go for a hike in the “back forty.” It doesn’t look like much protection for the left arm, but it’s versatile and can be adjusted to cover as much or as little as you require. And, using Wool-Ease yarn, it’s about 1/3 wool, so should keep me warm enough for late fall – early winter weather.


If you can do an e-stitch on a knitting loom, you, too, can make this or one like it. You will need to make two rectangular pieces of knitted cloth, one wider than the other, then, join them together in the method you prefer, ie. hand sew using a whip stitch, for example. All I did was study some photos of the original movie shawl and other designers’ finished imitations to figure out how it was constructed. There are patterns for sale on different sites –, – or just do an internet search and you’ll surely find one. Free patterns I did not find at the time I made this, but that can change in a day.

I didn’t bother putting the rows of cowling on the neckline as on the original item worn by Katniss on The Hunger Games. If I make another, it will be done on a knitting loom, as this one was, but the pieces will be sized differently and measured more precisely. Rather than crochet the insert section where the two sections join (which doesn’t show here), I would simply sew another loomed piece into the space that requires it. As for the cowl sections (those coiled pieces that go around the neckline), I don’t think they serve a function and, if I add anything to the neckline, it will be a hood. I didn’t want to look like Katniss anyway, not that there’s anything wrong with that…


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