WIPs August rain

My Huntress Shawl 

A friend recently posted a photo of the shawl worn by Katniss in the Hunger Games and asked if someone could knit one for her. I’m only a novice knitter with needles but I can do a simple “e” stitch on a knitting loom as well as anyone. Super easy. The stitch pattern, to me, looked like one done on a loom or finger knitted, the stitches were very bulky and of a herringbone configuration. I wanted to do a test but I had no bulky yarn until I went shopping Sunday and came upon a half off sale of some Wool-ease yarn. Perfect. Even though the colorway wasn’t ideal, it would do.

So I knitted a long piece that went around my chest and my shoulders to meet at the back. I basted it together the way I thought it should go but had to take that all out. This is what I ended up with. Now I am working on the piece that will go under the arm and around from the back to the front. Next will be the top two coils that form the cowl portion. When you loom knit a piece of fabric, the edges naturally curl inward.  I used that natural curl to form the first coil around the initial shawl fabric, as shown, I inserted a piece of yarn and sewed a tube around that. Looked fine to me. Can’t wait to finish it.


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