Needle Felting

Needle felting

Koi pond with water lilies

A hobby more dangerous than crocheting and much more artistic than crafty, in my opinion. Very much the same manipulation of line and color as painting, but, with today’s less toxic paints, a bit more risky.

Here’s what one of the tools looks like –1 - 3 needle Felting Tool

and this is one way you use that tool: 048

(note proximity of digits to business end of tool).

Working in 2D mode keeps fingers out of the way of the tool more than 3D. I’ve had several close-calls working on the little white bird here, and I’ve only just started him. As I continue to explore this extremely engrossing form of artistic expression, allow me to direct you to the work of other needle felters and their fiber artistry.

That’s just the tip of the needle. Explore and see what you find.


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