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Let the oil painting commence!

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

Inspired by a photo taken by a friend of a sunny sky with heavenly rays shining through billowy clouds, my next step was deciding what to put below that sunshine. What else but a brilliant white horse and his brown friend? Some of my “neigh”bors are ranch animals and I adapted these horses from the handful I see often near my front yard. Always admired horses for their beauty.


Out the living room window, which faces west, we often get to witness glowing sunsets. In the summer, the leaves of the trees obscure the view. Rather than considering their intrusiveness, I offer the contrast of their dark silhouettes against one night’s fiery introduction, enticing us to further appreciate the nuances of color observed in this sunset.

Impressionism is a style of painting I have always admired. Cezanne, Monet, Manet, van Gogh, Pissarro, Renoir and Gauguin, to name but a few of my favorites, evoked such intense reaction in me, and I’ve absorbed their influence into my own style. However, I also appreciated the abstract movement, especially in its manipulation of color to bring out emotion and form. This painting is a slight homage to that influence as well.


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