Springing into Action

Seasons change and so do I, we need not wonder why…
Anyone else remember that song? Same band who did the original “American Woman” and whose name currently escapes me. No matter, it fits the day.
How am I changing? The same way this season is unfolding – sloooowly.
To stay on topic (the blog is called Sew and Cro, after all), I’ve been doing a little branching out. I’m making a pieced quilt top which may take me months if not years to complete, and even then, it won’t be very great. Here’s the first square: 013
The crocheting is going strong. Craft fair in April promises to be a learning experience, since it is my first ever. A good way to wade in, being it is only 5 hour affair. Hoping to sell some of my abundant inventory. I crochet faster than I sell, which is funny, I suppose.
Here’s a few of my newest items that I’ve taken photos of: 020
Both of these were made using free patterns I found while surfing around google+ and crochet blogs. I don’t know why anyone would pay money for patterns when there are so many free ones. I have such a backlog, I’m sure I’ll never live to complete them all. But, hey, let’s not get morbid about it.
And here’s my other dilemma, I love to garden and be outdoors when the weather is nice enough. I can take crocheting along anywhere, but can’t do it and pull weeds at the same time. And I certainly can’t sew outdoors, unless it’s hand sewing (which I also love). So, it’s good that this craft fair is now, before gardening time sets in. After mid-April, it’s outdoors daily until about mid-June when it gets too hot and outside work is done only in early morning and early evening.
So, there will be time again for sewing indoors in the air conditioning. To quote another song: to everything there is a season…

Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy whatever you celebrate about this time of year.
Pray for Peace, always.


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