The Super Pillow

Animal print fabric pillow

JUNGLE ANYONE? Animal print fabric pillow

This tapestry fabric remnant was impossible to ignore at the fabric store a few months ago. It’s colorful, dramatic and just plain fun. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I have a piece of fabric like this, I really have to sweat over making that first cut. I mean, there’s no going back, right? So, it was months before I finally decided exactly what this was going to become.
Pillows are cool, but I couldn’t just make a normal sized pillow with this, there was too much going on in this fabric to cut anything out of it. My only option was to make an ENORMOUS pillow out of it. I didn’t know how or what I was going to stuff it with when I started the project, but I have a huge stash of packing peanuts that I’m dying to get rid of, so that was in the back of my mind, certainly.
It all came together for me when I came upon a yard sale and bought a large roll of piping trim in a matching blue color to the linen backing that I had in mind for this pillow.
This was my first time using trim on a pillow, so I struggled just a little during the sewing, and it’s certainly not perfect, but, after stuffing it with the peanuts and finishing up the sewing by hand, voila’! It is perfect for up to an adult sized person to sit on. The only down-side is that packing peanuts make a crazy noise when you sit on them or move them around at all. I’m hoping that the sound lessens with repeated use, but I’m sure the grandson will get a laugh out of being the cause of all that styrofoam commotion when he visits next.


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