To begin with…

First, I got a sewing machine. Then, I started using it at the dining room table. After that,  I got a room to use it in without junking up the house.

Next, I began collecting material to stitch upon and patterns to use. Lots of ideas for projects ran through my head. I began deconstructing some of the materials I was planning to recycle. I completed one project –  a baby blanket. I started another – a large bedspread for my husband. Then the sewing machine broke.

I toyed with the idea of completing the bedspread by hand, but, having used an upholstery weight fabric for the top of the spread, hand-sewing didn’t seem a viable option. I shelved the project and concentrated on my other love – crocheting.  I made lots of gifts for the holidays to give to friends and family. My husband’s bedspread languished in a corner of the bedroom, until, shortly after Christmas, I showed him the unfinished project. His response? First he noted how beautiful it was (there’s a picture [aboutme username=”cwoverfi”]), even incomplete. His next action was to tell me to get myself another sewing machine.

So now I have a terrific little Singer One which makes it so easy to do decorative stitches as well as the usual straight line sewing that I’m most familiar with. I’ve started by making some fussy small projects to hone my craft. I think I’m ready to start a patchwork quilt of my own design. And I’m happy to be sharing my journey in a blog with you.


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